AUKUS Advantage

CT Group has unrivalled political, defence, commercial and intelligence networks, extensive campaigning experience and a global presence, including offices in Australia, the UK, and the US.

What AUKUS Advantage offers

CT Group helps position clients to gain long-term business advantages from the AUKUS framework, while supporting and strengthening national security outcomes.

Our established teams in Washington DC, London, and Canberra are in a unique position to help businesses take full advantage of the opportunities that AUKUS brings.

Our service offering identifies, develops and implements strategies and solutions to support our clients to gain from AUKUS related contacts.

Market Entry

Market research:
Insights into key strategic positions, sector requirements, capabilities and procurement opportunities

Policy and risk analysis:
Assess complex policy, regulatory, and geopolitical landscapes

Business development:
Identify capability demand and commercial opportunities

A deep understanding of the marketplace and commercial opportunities to develop and refine an offer to government

AUKUS Advantage
AUKUS Advantage

Market Positioning

Strategy development:
Navigate complex and uncertain policy environments with dynamic strategies to generate commercial value

Profile development:
Preemptive market positioning to generate presence and early influence with decision-makers

Develop relationships with key stakeholders and decision makers through employing CT Group’s global, political, defence, national security, commercial and government networks

Established position in the marketplace with a competitive offer for AUKUS contracts

Competitive Advantage

Policy influence:
Shape government policy and regulatory initiatives for businesses to take advantage of AUKUS

Relationship development:
Nurture and grow relationships with decision makers to incentivise sustained support for companies in key markets

Business intelligence:
Generate continued insights into government and sector positions to sustain a dynamic posture and continue to meet mission requirements

Sustained commercial advantage through maintaining a dynamic position informed by the latest intelligence

AUKUS Advantage