What we do

CT Group is a global consultancy that combines expertise in research, intelligence, campaigns, and advisory services, to deliver the results our clients need.

With decades of experience securing successful outcomes in every corner of the world and across multiple sectors and markets, CT Group knows the importance of clear information, actionable insight and results-focused strategies.

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Cutting-edge research is at the heart of the CT Group. We undertake a systematic investigation into the key drivers, motivators and behaviours of target audiences and believe it is not enough to simply understand what people think; rather we analytically identify what motivates and informs that thinking and guides subsequent behaviour. This strategic approach has been used successfully in hundreds of campaigns across the globe and across a variety of industries. Our opinion research is outcome-focused, and our researchers instinctively know what is a leverageable finding and what is not.
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What we do
What we do


The CT Group know no silver bullet exists when it comes to helping our clients achieve their objectives. Our extensive experience of delivering winning campaigns has taught us when and how to integrate multiple communication channels into a single co-ordinated campaign directed to achieving our client’s objectives. We are not constrained by particular models but ensure all relevant channels are run in unison, resulting in an effective and persuasive campaign being rolled out to the chosen audience, including through digital methods. We are experts are managing multiple channels of communication against tight budgets and timelines and providing on the ground campaign support, especially when faced with a reputational threat.
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Utilising our global network built up over many years, the CT Group provides hard-to-access intelligence, deep due diligence and a range of investigative services to clients resolve issues. We access a global network of sector and regional sources and experts, provide psychological profiling of key individuals and adversaries to determine their motivations and predict future behaviour, and utilise proprietary investigations software. With total discretion, we are able to preserve and strengthen value from the most complex of opportunities or problems. We also provide personal security services to clients around the world.
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What we do
What we do


In a complex business environment, the CT Group brings experienced counsel and bespoke strategy development advice, training and support for our clients. Using techniques developed over many years we apply the tactical lessons of campaigns to the corporate arena, ensuring opportunities in areas such as real estate and infrastructure advisory are fully leveraged Through our international network, we provide our clients with effective government relations support, legal and litigation science services and decision-making support via intelligence led diagnostic research, helping to provide greater clarification to the options available and how to implement them.
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