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About the CT Way

A structured approach built on research, strategy and results

Through our deep research and detailed intelligence work, we don’t just report what audiences think but go deeper to understand why they think it, and what you can do about it. Using the CT Way, we identify what is truly driving perceptions or behaviour. Our methodology is geared towards providing actionable insight and focuses on identifying the key drivers of behaviour.


Founded in our guiding principle: ‘When you give advice, seek to help, not to please’, our methodology ensures our clients get structured advice based on facts and data, not opinion, to deliver maximum results. The CT Way identifies the core drivers of issues or behaviours to create clear strategic objectives that drive tactical execution.


Our research and strategic findings deliver a campaigns-based approach, and our methodology has achieved results for thousands of clients around the world on corporate issues, general elections, reputational transformation and legislative reform. The CT Way achieves results by focussing on the way decision-makers think and act.

“ When you give advice seek to help, not to please. ”

– Solon the Wise, political strategist, 6th Century BC.
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