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Opinion research

C|T Group’s unique research capability gets to the heart of a matter. It is designed to provide insight that can be acted on to get the results our clients seek. We identify not just what audiences think about an issue, but also why they hold their views and what factors and messages are most persuasive in shifting opinion and behaviour.

We offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative research methods – designed, run and analysed in-house using our uniquely trained personnel and our own dedicated field houses – yielding reliable, high-quality data. We always design, conduct and analyse research projects in close collaboration with our clients in order to provide them with actionable insight, not just commentary.

We regularly conduct community, customer and stakeholder surveys, as well as in-depth interviews and focus groups. Depending on the requirements, we can do these both in person, or remotely online. Using experienced and highly trained researchers, we are able to generate insight that provides our clients with an evidence-base and strategy for action. We help businesses better engage their employees, communicate more effectively with communities and identify emerging consumer preferences.

Data analytics

Our ability extends to providing all fieldwork options, easy-to-use data table outputs, and full service analysis and reporting to give our clients actionable insight. Our insights assist clients with the strategic development of their brand, product and service.

Multi-channel and multi-market evaluation research

Utilising our research expertise we are regularly asked to evaluate the performance of campaigns. We can do this across multiple channels and markets, helping businesses understand not only whether their message is reaching the right audience, but also that it is having the desired results. We do this via a unique combination of survey and digital listening tools, delivering live and rolling information on the effectiveness of the campaign across different channels, so budgets can be allocated more effectively and precisely to drive impact.

Behaviour change research

Building on decades of experience helping to identify voting behaviours during election campaigns, the C|T Group can apply learned techniques and technical knowhow to help organisations overcome what can often be significant and complex challenges.

Our research helps clients to identify unique and sometimes hidden opportunities to ‘nudge’ the behaviour of customers, or users, towards a positive and often mutually beneficial goal. We do this using a variety of experimental techniques and the latest digital technologies.


Winning campaigns

Based on the analysis of our research, our campaigns shape and influence behaviour in the desired direction by targeting the motivations of key actors and utilising identified pressure points to achieve the desired outcome. Campaigns are evidence-based and results-focused, built on decades of experience in political campaigning. We excel when dealing with a complex and difficult subject matter, and realise that a strong base of support and active advocacy is key for success.

Reputation protection

We help our clients protect their online reputations. We build a robust digital reputation campaign strategy based on a diagnostic of their digital presence to identify the diverse reputational threats from online sources, media, indirect social media networks, deepweb directories and cybersecurity. This strategy includes search engine management, digital asset management, social media monitoring, dark web surveillance and cybersecurity assessment.

Digital campaigns

Technology provides innovative ways to engage with audiences but it is vital that the right message reaches the right people at the right time. Our data-driven methodology allows us to deploy campaign messages across the most effective channels, while at the same time measuring the precise impact the campaign is having on the ground.  We have managed successful digital campaigns across the world and across all channels – including non-English speaking social media platforms – creating compelling, personally relevant content specifically designed for a range of target audiences.

On the ground campaign support

To optimise success for our clients, we offer a range of campaign management tools, including the integration of our team with yours, in-house. Our experienced campaign experts can be embedded within a client’s organisation, providing real time rollout and support. This ‘one team’ approach sees campaign opportunities maximised and challenges contained as they arise, thereby ensuring a campaign achieves real momentum. Working together in this integrated way, we can live and breathe your objectives on a daily basis.



Combining our research capabilities with worldwide intelligence networks, we identify the drivers and motivations of those involved in a dispute or decision-making process. We draw on a discreet global network of sources, who help us provide unique insight and actionable intelligence for our clients. This network has been built up over many decades. We utilise proprietary software searching the deep web (not accessible through regular search engines); in-house sector, language and geographic expertise; and psychological profiling of key players.

Digital diagnostic

Hostile digital action is an increasing threat to businesses and individuals. We can conduct detailed analysis to identify the source of attacks, how they are being spread and the impact they are having. We identify adversary networks, analyse their modus operandi and identify their motivation, so their impact can be mitigated and neutralised. We utilise channels including social media sites, image recognition, deep and dark web searches, natural language processing and sentiment analysis.

Personal security services

Operating with utmost discretion, we provide a range of specialised security solutions. Our team of professionals operate globally and has decades of sector and regional experience. We provide a proportionate and effective service, preserving and ensuring the resilience of our clients, their assets and reputation.


Working in sensitive jurisdictions and industries carries with it risks that often cannot be addressed through standard security policies. Our specialists work with the highest levels of business and government to undertake cyberthreat assessments and develop appropriate strategies to protect the most sensitive resources and personnel from cyber attack, espionage and electronic surveillance.

Due diligence

We offer a full research and background audit service. This can help mitigate business risks associated with mergers and acquisitions and initial public offerings. We assess issues such as the credibility and authenticity of owners and board rooms, and the veracity and resilience of an asset. We understand that supply chains have many legislative and compliance issues; we help clients identify and address them. We can perform internal investigations and forensic analysis to protect our clients and safeguard their assets, with extensive experience in reacting quickly to regulatory issues, fraud, corruption and financial misconduct. We do this by performing in-depth analyses of complex financial transactions and delivering comprehensive reports featuring expert testimony.


Strategy development and analysis advice

Using knowledge gained through our world- leading research capabilities, we support individuals, companies and industry bodies by providing high-level strategic counsel and advice. We assist in creating, stress-testing and implementing an organisation’s long-term and short-term strategies, and provide analysis on the effectiveness of their application, utilising data- driven insight.

Corporate advisory

We have a detailed understanding of the business, commercial, operational and political considerations that determine success for corporate investors in heavily regulated sectors. We bring significant experience from government, investment banking, corporate finance, law and accounting to identify, shape and structure solutions for our clients. We specialise in deal origination, mergers and acquisitions, divestments, privatisations, structuring support, corporate due diligence, deal management, market intelligence, capital markets and risk analysis.

Wealth authentication

We are experts in delivering fact-based sources of wealth authentication for businesses and individuals. Our detailed reports confirm key commercial interests and sources of funds, and substantiate commercial or political relationships with a reputational or regulatory implication, providing valuable information for our clients in their engagement with financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

Real estate and infrastructure advisory

We support clients across all real estate asset classes, including land, residential and commercial property, retail and major developments, and infrastructure such as aviation, rail, utilities and smart city technology.  Using our research techniques and campaign methodology, we create bespoke strategies to successfully navigate the landscape surrounding the development of our clients’ assets.

Legal support

We assist law firms, in-house lawyers, litigation funders and corporate clients resolve disputes in the most effective way possible. We use our research, intelligence, litigation science and communication services to help successfully conclude arbitration and litigation, and support protracted mediations and negotiations. We identify underlying motivations, drivers and grievances using intelligence techniques, as well as help understand current attitudes, pressure points and influences. We can provide an informed assessment of the likely trajectory of events and communicate key messages, while pre-empting and mitigating threats.

Litigation science

By applying behavioural science to litigation, arbitration, investigations and inquiries, our sociologists, psychologists and statisticians can assess how to present a case in the most persuasive way.
We identify themes, arguments and language that will engage and persuade decision-makers, as well as patterns that opposing parties are likely to rely upon, examining their effectiveness and how to counter them.  We assess the value of the evidence of experts and witnesses, and can offer insight into the factors contributing to damages assessment. Once a ruling has been rendered, we carry out a forensic examination to determine its strengths and weaknesses and how these can be utilised.

Legislative support

In certain jurisdictions, and where appropriate, we can guide clients through complex legislative and regulatory processes to achieve their desired outcome. We can help manage the issues posed by a legislative challenge to a client’s position by employing creative solutions, utilising decades of procedural know-how, strategic messaging and political acumen.