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Specialist Skills


Cutting edge research is at the heart of the C|T Group. We always begin with a systematic investigation into the key drivers, motivators and behaviours of your target audience.

At the C|T Group, we believe it is not enough to simply understand what people think, rather we identify how people think about our client and their issue and what specifically motivates and informs that thinking and subsequent behaviour.

From this understanding, values-based communication strategies can successfully be developed to persuade your target audience to undertake a desired course of action through reasoned argument and motivate them to your desired outcome through emotionally relevant messages.

This strategic research approach has successfully been deployed in campaigns across the globe and across a variety of industries.

Our approach has resulted in: profitable brand architecture; behavioural change; accurate public opinion polling; relevant investor relations; strong opinion leadership; financial transactions; employee and cultural change; industry and association positioning; corporate reputation and societal change.

The research services we offer include:

  • Public opinion polling
  • Focus groups and in-depth interviewing
  • Corporate image and brand research
  • Financial transactions research
  • Shareholder research
  • Employee and workplace culture research
  • Telephone and online canvassing
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The C|T Group know no silver bullet exists when it comes to helping our clients achieve their objectives. A PR agency will recommend issuing press releases and briefing individual journalists; an advertising agency will likely recommend above the line advertising; and an online or social media specialists will recommend focusing on Facebook and Twitter.

Our extensive strategic campaign experience has taught us when and how to integrate multiple communication channels into a single co-ordinated campaign directed to achieving our client’s objectives.

The C|T Group are not constrained by particular communication models or channels. Rather, we ensure all relevant communication channels are run in unison, resulting in an effective and persuasive communications campaign being rolled out to the chosen audience. Derived from our political heritage, the C|T Group practically applies the strategic lessons of multiple successful campaigns to help our clients achieve their objectives.

The campaign services we offer include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Campaign messaging
  • Counsel and advice for business leaders, party leaders and candidates
  • Political engagement
  • Direct marketing
  • Local events and community engagement

Strategic Counsel

In a heavily contested environment, where business and political leaders are constantly under challenge by a fragmented media landscape and public scrutiny demands instant engagement, we bring practical experience and expertise to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives.

We provide bespoke strategic advice, training and support for our clients, especially these facing issues that may not lend themselves to resolution by traditional professional services. We provide strategic counsel on all aspects of non-financial risk and help our clients through the uncertainty and volatility they are facing.

Using techniques developed over many years of working with some of the world’s top business and political leaders, the C|T Group applies the tactical lessons of political campaigns to the corporate arena, ensuring our clients’ opportunities are fully leveraged and threats mitigated.

Through our pre-eminent international network, we also provide our clients with effective decision making support via intelligence-led diagnostic research, helping to provide greater clarification to the options available to you. We then assist our clients to implement their chosen course of action.

The strategic counsel services we offer include:

  • Government relations
  • Intelligence gathering and intelligence diagnostics
  • Regulatory approval
  • Crisis management
  • CEO speeches
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