CT Group’s research helps clients achieve the outcomes they seek by providing actionable insight into the issues they face
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Cutting-edge research is at the heart of the CT Group.

We undertake a systematic investigation into the key drivers, motivators and behaviours of target audiences and believe it is not enough to simply understand what people think; rather we analytically identify what motivates and informs that thinking and guides subsequent behaviour. This strategic approach has been used successfully in hundreds of campaigns across the globe and across a variety of industries. Our opinion research is outcome-focused, and our researchers instinctively know what is a leverageable finding and what is not.

Opinion Research

CT Group’s unique research capability gets to the heart of a matter. It is designed to provide insight that can be acted on to get the results our clients seek. We identify not just what audiences think about an issue, but also why they hold their views and what factors and messages are most persuasive in shifting opinion and behaviour.

We offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative research methods – designed, run and analysed in-house using our uniquely trained personnel and our own dedicated field houses – yielding reliable, high-quality data. We always design, conduct and analyse research projects in close collaboration with our clients in order to provide them with actionable insight, not just commentary.

We regularly conduct community, customer and stakeholder surveys, as well as in-depth interviews and focus groups. Depending on the requirements, we can do these both in person, or remotely online. Using experienced and highly trained researchers, we are able to generate insight that provides our clients with an evidence-base and strategy for action. We help businesses better engage their employees, communicate more effectively with communities and identify emerging consumer preferences.

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Data Analytics

Our ability extends to providing all fieldwork options, easy-to-use data table outputs, and full service analysis and reporting to give our clients actionable insight. Our insights assist clients with the strategic development of their brand, product and service.
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Multi-channel and multi-market evaluation research

Utilising our research expertise we are regularly asked to evaluate the performance of campaigns. We can do this across multiple channels and markets, helping businesses understand not only whether their message is reaching the right audience, but also that it is having the desired results. We do this via a unique combination of survey and digital listening tools, delivering live and rolling information on the effectiveness of the campaign across different channels, so budgets can be allocated more effectively and precisely to drive impact.
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Behaviour change research

Building on decades of experience understanding voting behaviour during election campaigns, the CT Group can apply learned techniques and technical knowhow to help organisations overcome what can often be significant and complex challenges. Our research helps clients to identify unique and sometimes hidden opportunities to ‘change’ the behaviour of customers, or users, towards a positive and often mutually beneficial goal. We do this using a variety of experimental techniques and the latest digital technologies.
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Board Evaluation

CT Group provide board evaluations that are outcome focused and transform the traditional checkbox-based approach into a bespoke, forward-looking and strategic exercise. Our evaluations offer a serious reflection of a company’s board’s performance, a practical appraisal of how it can improve its operation, and support to ensure recommendations are actioned. We work with listed and unlisted companies, as well as the investor community and not-for-profit organisations, to ensure their board’s are delivering in the most effective way possible.
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