CT Group uses its global networks in business and government to gather information that guides decisions.
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We provide hard-to-access intelligence, deep due diligence and a range of investigative services.

Utilising our global network built up over many years, CT Group provides hard-to-access intelligence, deep due diligence and a range of investigative services to assist clients resolve issues. We access a global network of sector and regional sources and experts, provide psychological profiling of key individuals and adversaries to determine their motivations and predict future behaviour, and utilise proprietary investigations software. With total discretion, we are able to preserve and strengthen value from the most complex of opportunities or problems. We also provide personal security services to clients around the world.

Investigations and Asset Tracing

We draw on our multi-industry and cross-border experience to perform investigations and forensic analysis both to help our clients react quickly to regulatory issues, fraud, corruption and financial misconduct, and to identify and target assets to support enforcement judgments.
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Due diligence

Using our team of multilingual analysts and cutting edge software, capable of searching the deep and dark web, we mine information to support pre-transactional M&A deals, identify regulatory risks and understand counterparties. Our deep due diligence services are often used alongside human intelligence gathering.
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Source of Wealth Authentication

Our evidence-based wealth authentication reports allow clients to build confident and transparent relationships with counterparties, including banks, regulators and charities, that ensure business continuity. We work with our clients and their advisers to collate and review detailed business documentation and financial records that substantiate our clients’ positions through a combination of independent analysis and intelligence-led contextual support.
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Litigation and Arbitration

We provide litigation intelligence, investigations and strategic communications services to lawyers and their clients engaged in legal, arbitration or regulatory matters.
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Security Services

We provide a range of specialised security solutions to our corporate and private clients globally. We provide a proportionate and effective service, preserving and ensuring the resilience of our clients, their assets and reputation. Our services include close protection, corporate and residential security reviews, resilience testing, protective surveillance, bug sweeping amongst many more.
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Security Management

Our consultants have worked globally; from small family offices to large construction, manufacturing and extractives companies. We help our clients to review, design and implement security systems to mitigate security incidents and large-scale security risks.

Our services include:

  • Security risk assessments
  • Crisis management
  • Post-incident investigation and support
  • Expert witness and advisory
  • Security threat and vulnerability assessments, auditing, and gap analysis

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Security & Crisis Consulting

We help our clients to shape and strengthen their security function; building resilience into their business operations. Our embedded security consultants work in-country with their teams to place security into the fabric of their organisation, without compromising growth or innovation.

We provide clients with clear security plans and procedures to prevent, navigate and recover from crises, security incidents, and business interruption.

We also work with trusted partners to provide cutting edge technical security solutions which enable clear and intuitive escalations, responses, and mass incident notifications.

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Close Protection

Smart, adaptable and discreet, our embedded Close Protection Officers and security drivers provide 24/7 protection and oversight. Our experts provide unobtrusive protection for our clients across the world.
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Travel Security

We provide global travel security, including itinerary management, physical security protection and executive travel support. Our intelligence led measures include embedded security professionals, GPS tracking, and medical and logistical planning.
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Residential & Commercial Security

Our security guards manage the security for private properties, commercial sites and renovation projects. Whether an inner city apartment or large country estate, our experts tailor their approach to keep you, your family, and your property safe.
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Staff Training

We offer on-site training packages for family offices, which covers security incident response, first aid, media training and cyber security awareness.
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Resilience Testing

Our industry-leading resilience testing team conduct physical and cyber penetration tests on properties to assess their resilience and highlight any vulnerabilities.
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Bug Sweeps

We conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures inspections to find eavesdropping devices that have been covertly installed in private properties and offices.
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Aviation Investigations & Forensics

Through our exclusive aviation partnership, we forensically investigate, sweep and identify any malicious tampering on Gulfstream, Hawker, Bombardier, Embraer and Dassault aircraft and multiple Helicopter types. We are licensed by the European, Isle of Man, Guernsey, San Marino, Nigerian and Cayman Aviation Authorities, and the Federal Aviation Authority of the USA.
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Property Security Reviews

We assess your property’s physical, technical, and procedural systems. We make recommendations to mitigate identified vulnerabilities and manage the subsequent implementation.
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