We run campaigns around the world and across all channels to help clients with their strategic objectives
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There is no silver bullet when it comes to helping clients achieve their objectives

Our extensive experience of delivering winning campaigns has taught us when and how to integrate multiple communication channels into a single co-ordinated campaign directed to achieving our client’s objectives. We are not constrained by particular models but ensure all relevant channels are run in unison, resulting in an effective and persuasive campaign being rolled out to the chosen audience, including through digital methods. We are experts are managing multiple channels of communication against tight budgets and timelines and providing on the ground campaign support, especially when faced with a reputational threat.

Winning campaigns

Based on the analysis of our research, our campaigns shape and influence behaviour in the desired direction by targeting the motivations of key actors and utilising identified pressure points to achieve the desired outcome. Campaigns are evidence-based and results-focused, built on decades of experience in political campaigning. We excel when dealing with a complex and difficult subject matter, and realise that a strong base of support and active advocacy is key for success.
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Digital expertise

Technology provides innovative ways to engage with audiences but it is vital that the right message reaches the right people at the right time. Our data-driven methodology allows us to deploy campaign messages across the most effective channels, while at the same time measuring the precise impact the campaign is having on the ground. We have managed successful digital campaigns across the world and across all channels – including non-English speaking social media platforms – creating compelling, personally relevant content specifically designed for a range of target audiences.
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Reputation management

We help our clients protect their online reputations. We build a robust digital reputation campaign strategy based on a diagnostic of their digital presence to identify the diverse reputational threats from online sources, media, indirect social media networks, deepweb directories and cybersecurity. This strategy includes search engine management, digital asset management, social media monitoring, dark web surveillance and cybersecurity assessment.
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Support in the field

To optimise success for our clients, we offer a range of campaign management tools, including the integration of our team with yours, in-house. Our experienced campaign experts can be embedded within a client’s organisation, providing real time rollout and support. This ‘one team’ approach sees campaign opportunities maximised and challenges contained as they arise, thereby ensuring a campaign achieves real momentum. Working together in this integrated way, we can live and breathe your objectives on a daily basis.
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Government relations

The role and expectations of government have changed significantly and, in many respects, ‘big government’ is back. Understanding this environment is critical; business and industry must adapt their approach to government affairs to maximise their influence. CT Group can provide strategic government relations counsel, intelligence gathering and insights on government priorities, as well as on decision-making motivations within government. We can understand key decision makers and their influencers, and guidance on when to engage and with whom. Where appropriate, we can guide you through complex legislative and regulatory processes to achieve your desired outcome. With strong relationships at the highest level, we utilise decades of procedural know-how, strategic messaging and political acumen and have vast experience of assisting clients in their engagement with government, legislatures (both at national and state level) and at mayoral, strategic authority, municipal and local government levels.
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