The CT Group Story

The CT Group was established in 2002 in Canberra, Australia by election-winning strategists Sir Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor.

The firm blended Lynton’s campaign expertise with Mark’s diagnostic understanding of research and strategic approach to polling in order to create a winning methodology that can be applied to different situations and contexts to achieve results for clients.

Their winning partnership had previously provided a highly successful formula for the election victories of several Australian Prime Ministers and Premiers, including Australia’s second longest serving Prime Minister, John Howard.

CT Group expanded to the United Kingdom in 2011, in partnership with British campaign expert Mark Fullbrook. Since then, CT expanded into the US, India, Middle East, East Asia and Italy.

From an original team of four to a global workforce of more than 150, CT Group’s staff are drawn from a range of diverse backgrounds and experience including government, financial and professional services, diplomacy, military, intelligence, politics and journalism.

When working on winning campaigns, CT Group staff continue to use their founders’ unique methodology, The CT Way, to help clients achieve their desired outcome.

The CT Group have conducted hundreds of campaigns in over 50 countries – and on almost every continent – and continue to be guided by our founding philosophy, which is that when you give advice, seek to help not to please.