Our advisory services help to guide strategy and position clients to achieve their objectives.
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We provide experienced counsel and bespoke strategy development, training and support for our clients.

In a complex business environment, the C|T Group brings experienced counsel and bespoke strategy, development advice, training and support for our clients. Using techniques developed over many years we apply the tactical lessons of campaigns to the corporate arena, ensuring opportunities in areas such as real estate and infrastructure advisory are fully leveraged. Through our international network, we provide our clients with effective government relations support, legal and litigation science services and decision-making support via intelligence led diagnostic research, helping to provide greater clarification to the options available and how to implement them.

Strategy development and analysis

Using knowledge gained through our world- leading research capabilities, we support individuals, companies and industry bodies by providing high-level strategic counsel and advice. We assist in creating, stress-testing and implementing an organisation’s long-term and short-term strategies, and provide analysis on the effectiveness of their application, utilising data-driven insight.
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Corporate advisory

We have a detailed understanding of the business, commercial, operational and political considerations that determine success for corporate investors in heavily regulated sectors. We bring significant experience from government, investment banking, corporate finance, law and accounting to identify, shape and structure solutions for our clients. We specialise in deal origination, mergers and acquisitions, divestments, privatisations, structuring support, corporate due diligence, deal management, market intelligence, capital markets and risk analysis.
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Real estate and infrastructure advisory

We support clients across all real estate asset classes, including land, residential and commercial property, retail and major developments, and infrastructure such as aviation, rail, utilities and smart city technology. Using our research techniques and campaign methodology, we create bespoke strategies to successfully navigate the landscape surrounding the development of our clients’ assets.
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We provide strategic advice to governments, defence forces, and leading defence primes as well as medium sized companies across the five domains of defence: Maritime, Land, Air, Space and Cyber & Information Operations. We have a deep understanding of international defence industries and geopolitical analysis; our staff and advisors have experience at the most senior levels in international defence and intelligence communities. Our work helps position defence partners to achieve their goals, whether it is securing a defence tender, market entry guidance or political and stakeholder risk assessment.
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CT Group AUKUS Advantage

AUKUS Advantage

Our established teams in Washington DC, London, and Canberra are in a unique position to help businesses take full advantage of the opportunities that AUKUS brings.

Our service offering identifies, develops and implements strategies and solutions to support our clients to gain from AUKUS related contacts.

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Board Evaluation

C|T Group provide board evaluations that are outcome focused and transform the traditional checkbox-based approach into a bespoke, forward-looking and strategic exercise. Our evaluations offer a serious reflection of a company’s board’s performance, a practical appraisal of how it can improve its operation, and support to ensure recommendations are actioned. We work with listed and unlisted companies, as well as the investor community and not-for-profit organisations, to ensure their board’s are delivering in the most effective way possible.
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