Mark Textor

Non-Executive Director

Mark “Tex” Textor is an internationally celebrated campaign pollster and communications strategist. He is also the Co-Founder of the CT Group.

Tex has held the unique position of being the pollster and electoral strategist behind the election victories for eight Commonwealth prime ministers over scores of elections. He has been described by Britain’s Channel 4 as “one of the most influential political strategists and pollsters to walk the planet”, and in the Australian media as “a genius at transforming raw research into compelling communication”. Boris Johnson has described him as the “sorcerer of numbers”.

The hundreds of successful political and commercial campaigns Mark has masterminded have honed a unique ability to persuade diverse boards and managerial teams together towards a common purpose with his unique ability to get all to focus on core messages, core competencies and core values.

Prior to founding CT Group, Tex was Australasian Managing Director and one of the three founding Asia-Pacific team leaders of Wirthlin Worldwide, a $60+ million-dollar market research and consulting firm, who helped to establish offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Canberra and Sydney. Mark was mentored by its founder, President Ronald Reagan’s pre-eminent pollster, Richard B. Wirthlin.

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