Tasmanian voters remain steady in their support of the State Government

The latest EMRS poll in 2021 has revealed that, throughout the past year, there have been no notable shifts in the voting intentions of Tasmanians.

After excluding undecided voters, the Liberal State Government retains the highest level of voter support by far, at 49 per cent in December 2021 and unchanged since the previous poll in August 2021. Labor support currently stands at 26 per cent, down by a marginal 2 points from 28 per cent in August. The Government is thus maintaining its considerable lead over the Labor opposition.

The latest poll of 1,000 Tasmanian adults was conducted from the 28th of November to the 5th of December 2021.

Paul Jamrozik (EMRS’ Managing Director) said, “These latest results confirm that Tasmanian voters are continuing to preference the incumbent Premier and his Government, and to do so strongly. This high level of support has been maintained since the poll in May 2020. EMRS believes that, then and subsequently, it has been prompted primarily by factors related to the management of COVID- 19 and expresses confidence in the measures the Government has taken. Most recently, this has included the Government’s decision that Tasmania’s borders will reopen to mainland jurisdictions on December the 15th 2021.

The current 49 per cent in voter support for the Liberal Government represents a significant 23 point lead over Labor, remaining in line with the 21 point lead it held in the previous August poll. Decided voter support for The Greens showed no change since the previous poll, standing again at 13 per cent currently. A very slight upward shift was recorded in support for an independent or other minor party, from 10 per cent in August to 12 per cent currently.

The proportion of voters nominating Premier Gutwein as their preferred Premier in the latest poll remained unchanged when compared to August 2021, standing once more at 59 per cent.

“The minimal shift in voter support for the main parties is reflected likewise in the latest preferred Premier results. Currently, 59 per cent of those polled rated Premier Gutwein as their preference; and 28 per cent nominated Labor’s Rebecca White (down by just 1 point since August). Premier Gutwein has thus retained a clear lead of 31 points as preferred Premier over the Opposition leader, confirming his high level of personal support, said Mr Jamrozik.

“EMRS suggests that voters have been weighing up key developments in the course of the year, particularly those related to COVID-19, such as the rollout of the vaccination program, the easing of restrictions on the Tasmanian community, on workers and on local businesses, and decisions on border controls. Their voting intentions to date indicate a strong endorsement of the Government’s performance.”

For more information: Paul Jamrozik, EMRS, (03) 6211 1222

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